Beitrag der 20th Century Society von Catherine Croft, 16. April 2020

›Our photographs were all taken by Thaddeus Zupančič (who runs our Instagram account). He was in Berlin in 2017 and recorded not only their sculptural virtuosity, but their extraordinarily good physical condition (confirmed by more recent shots on the petition page)—I can’t see any exposed rebar. Hopefully before too long we will be able to visit Berlin once again, and both buildings will have bright new futures.‹
(Catherine Croft)

›The Mäusebunker is one of the finest examples of brutalist architecture in Berlin, and one of the most quirky and distinctive buildings of its kind anywhere in the world. Gerd Hänska was one of Berlin’s most notable architects, and it works be a shame if his home city were to destroy such a notable example of his work. The neighbouring Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology is also a constitution of notable architectural interest, and both buildings should be saved for future generations to use and enjoy with as little damage to the original features as possible.‹ (James Tanner)